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Warranty Claim

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To compose the letter, just fill in your personal information in the bolded areas.

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Company's Contact Information (If you can address the complaint letter to a specific person, you'll have a better chance of having your dispute resolved.)

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Dear Contact Person:

I purchased a Model Number of the Clock on Date of Purchase and Other Pertinent Purchase Information.

Unfortunately, this Clock model has not performed as expected, and I believe the defective Clock should be replaced under terms of the warranty. The problems with Clock include a List of Defects.

To resolve this problem satisfactorily, I would appreciate a Replacement Clock, a Refund, a Repair, Credit Toward Another Problem, or Specific Action. I have included copies of all pertinent documents regarding my purchase of this model, as well as a list of calls & correspondence from my previous attempt to have this matter solved. 

I am looking forward to your reply on this matter. I will wait until a Specific Date for a reply before seeking assistance in resolving this dispute from a third party. Please contact me using the information above. 


Your Name 

Warranty Claim

Before sending a warranty claim letter to the manufacturer, it's best to contact the company by telephone or e-mail to determine where to send the letter and what recourse you have in this matter. Some Clockmakers have specific rules you must follow to submit a warranty claim, so it's best to do things correctly from the start of the process, hopefully speeding up the successful resolution of your warranty claim.

It's also important that you take some steps at the time you purchase the Clocks to help you have a better result, should you ever need to file a warranty claim. For example, make sure you know where your receipt for the Clock is. (Which is always going to be provided when you order a Clock). Write down the retailer from which you purchased the clock, as well as the date of purchase. Make note of the Clock’s serial number and model number. Having this information all in one location will speed the process of submitting a warranty claim.

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Please find the relevant information attached to claim a Warranty! 

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