Wall Clocks That You Ought to Buy

Wall clocks have the potential of glamorizing any run-of-the-mill home décor. It’s undeniably a hard catch to find a wall clock that goes flawlessly with the interior of your house or workplace. Here we are going to discuss some of the wall clock designs that you ought to buy.

1. A Round Wall Clock

The best way to highlight the dull and boring wall of your interior is to garnish it with a round or a circular wall clock. Make sure that the clock that you buy has elegant numbers that are easy to understand. The circular wall clocks are the best choice to complement your office wall or a study room in your house. If you are getting the one for your office try to get the color combination of black and white as it blends well with almost all the interiors.

2. A Retro Wall Clock

If you aspire to add an elite touch to your décor than a retro wall clock is what you ought to have. Append a retro vibe to your office or home interior with these retro wall clocks. These wall clocks usually have Roman numbers which give them an inimitable and distinct touch. They often have a chain appended with them that makes them easier to dangle.

3. Metallic Wall Clock

The metallic wall clock is never out of fashion. You can stay in pace with time with these contemporary clocks. Give a voguish look to your interior with the help of these metallic wall clocks. Buying ones with the Roman numbers can further enhance the beauty of the wall.

4. Vintage Wall Clocks

These wall clocks add a rusty yet classic look to your interior. If you desire to give an elegant touch to your interior, these vintage wall clocks are just the right choice to fill the purpose.

5. Cut Out Wall Clocks

If you are looking for something unique, you ought to go unconventional. Hanging a cut out wall clock will surely add an eccentric vibe to your room. The unique design of these wall clocks set them apart from other contemporary wall clocks.

6. Printed Wall Clocks.

If you are a dire fan of prints, you ought to opt for printed wall clocks. The interesting thing about these wall clocks is that they come with the prints of your favorite stars. So, if you are obsessed with prints, here is exactly what you need. is a platform from where you can get all these and many more types of wall clocks. We deliver the best wall clocks in Pakistan at the cheapest rate. We know time is money, then why waste money. Contact us and add a voguish look to your interior.

Use Wall Clocks With Maximum Impact

Nothing can fill the wall as well as a wall clock. Owing to their graphic designs, wall clocks can make a huge statement. They are a great source of providing assurances and order in the workplaces and the households where excellent punctuality is an obligatory part of daily life. Keeping the significance of the wall clocks in mind, we are discussing here the best ways to use the wall clocks to make them look best and enhance the overall look of the room they are hung in.

Make a Statement

Your selection of the wall clock can either make your clock blend with the interior of the room and the décor or may make it stand out. If you aspire to make it the center point of your décor, always opt for an ornate or an oversized clock. At we have a wide collection of big wall clocks that are worth beholding and have the potential of adding grace to your overall décor.

Color Splash

For a neutral room, you can easily set the theme by adding a bright colored wall clock. You may also select a wall clock with a funky-colored theme, as it guarantees to catch the attention of your guests and they cannot refrain themselves from appreciating that wall clock.

Instant Update

You do not wish to paint your room again and again as it is very costly, but still, you desire to renovate it. Go for a wall clock to instantly update your room. Even a tiny wall clock has the potential of adding life to your dull and boring wall.

A Linkage To Your Loved Ones

All of us have some memories of the foreign places we have visited or of our loved ones residing in the countries of the world. Hanging a few wall clocks in the form of a set can with diverse time zones cleverly makes you stay connected with the loved ones living away from you. You may pair your wall clocks with the maps or photographs to further boost the impact.

Personalized Wall Clocks

Make the wall clocks unique to your family by personalizing them. You may add your family name or the family photograph to the wall clock and make it a piece that you solely own with a strong feeling of possession. provides you the best wall clocks in Pakistan. Get in touch with us and take your home décor to the ultimate level.

Wall Clocks: An Ideal Way To Hang Them

Hanging a wall clock in any house is an art. You have to be cognizant of the space that is available to you, you have to keep in mind the color scheme and the furniture that you have in your house and so many other things. The timepieces aid you in staying in control of time. Here, we are going to discuss some of the strategic ways of hanging the wall clock to give life to the wall.

You might ponder that the Smartphones and the tablets have very much outdated the wall clocks as they offer so many functions. But the reality is the opposite. Wall clocks, because of their beautiful designs and attractive style are still in fashion. And the fashion designers love to make use of them for their interior décor.

If an alarm clock is your requirement, you ought to place it in your bedroom. Hang a wall clock in the kitchen to prepare breakfast or lunch for the kids in time. If the bathroom is the place where you do your hair, placing a wall clock in the bathroom will aid you in refraining from getting late. Place the wall clocks at the places where they are visible.


A classical clock is the best for any kitchen. The kitchen is the place where we spent most of our time- be it the preparation of the breakfast, lunch, or dinner, or getting the kids ready for school or even getting ready for work yourself.


The second popular place where you ought to hang the wall clock is your living room. After the kitchen, most of your time is spent in the living room. As the living room has the most space and bigger walls, hanging an artistic and a large wall clock can be the best choice.


People usually do not prefer to have something heavy hung above their heads; a nice, delicate wall clock can be hung above the bed. If you are a light sleeper, do check for the loud tick-tick as it may hamper with your peaceful sleep. The rule suggests that the wall clocks in the bedroom are hung above the bed. provides you with the wall clocks of your choice. Get in touch with us and glamorize your walls with the latest, trendy designer wall clocks.

Wall Clocks: Using Them in Decor

Do you have a wall in your room that is lifeless? Add life to it with the addition of a good wall clock. Most of us are acquainted with the wall clocks because of their functionality, but when decorating a home, we often take them for granted. Despite their functionality, the wall clocks have aesthetic appeal.

The wall clocks in any home have the potential of creating a decor statement. They create a big wow in any room in which they are hung. Over the last few years, wall clocks have become a hot trend. The wall clocks come in diverse designs and sizes and consequently fit all the other décor of the room. If you desire to add one item that pos out, a large wall clock is what you ought to have. It is a staple and predominant item of décor. Wall clocks can be used to add a bit of color or bring whimsy to the room.

Nowadays, we have an assortment of diverse wall clocks that come in different sizes and colors; one will fit your room. In the past, whenever there was talk of decorating a wall, most of the designers preferred oil or water painting, but, the trend is fast changing now.

Wall clocks are an enormous accomplice item and furnish a well-designed stroke to a room. Wall clocks are gaining momentum because they are easier to hang as compared to other items. They can even add class to the wall of the kitchen. Opt for an oversized clock for your kitchen wall so that you may see the time easily while cooking. Huge clocks are also recommended if you have high ceilings as they craft a central point.

Clock galleries are very much in fashion these days. Instead of hanging one wall clock try using a combo. You may arrange the cocks in a variety of ways as there are plentiful innovative display possibilities. Arrange diverse sized and different shaped wall cocks in patterns that interest you and give your wall a dynamic look. You may hang wall clocks of different time zones, of places you have visited, and keep the memories of those places alive. has an enormous collection of wall clocks. With wall clock decor gaining huge popularity, it has become imperative to get one for your décor. Get the best clock at the best price from us and reinvent your wall.

Wall Clock: A Necessary Item of Decor for Every House and Office

As you cannot deny the significance of time, similarly you cannot deny the importance of a wall clock. In Pakistan, the wall clock is considered to be an essential item of every household. The purpose of it may be different. In some households, it is simply an item that tells time, while in others it is solely for décor- to fill some space on the wall. Thanks to the variation of wall clock price in Pakistanit is regarded as an affordable item. That is the primary reason that you hardly find any house or office without a wall clock.

Our lives are time-driven. We are always running to compete with this hustling world. Wall clocks are meant to tell time. The wall clock hanging on your wall is not just an ordinary piece. You look at it more frequently than you look at any other item in the room or the office. The bare walls can be easily glamorized by adding a decorative wall clock to it.

Vitalhable is the paragon of unique and amazing wall clocks. We aspire to deliver the most amazing wall clocks at the cheapest possible price online. We covet to provide our clientele an organized call to exist, but in trendy and stylish ways. Each clock in our wall clock collection is a piece of practical art. Our wall clocks not only aid you in keeping up time but also ensure that your living room is thoroughly jazzed up. We aspire to give an aesthetic appeal to your living room as well as keep you punctual.

At Vitalhab, we have an assortment of wall clocks that are surely going to transform your wall into an amazing masterpiece. We possess a wide range of diverse varieties of wall clock designs like traditional, vintage, and most modern designs. One of them will surely meet your demands. Our innovative and unique wall clocks will transform your walls into a spotlight. We guarantee that our collection of wall clocks will bestow a sophisticated look to the drawing-room or living room wall.

If you desire to give an instant uplift to your room, log on to and get the latest trendy wall clock at the most competitive wall clock price in Pakistan. We strongly believe that you ought not to get the expensive pieces to décor your room; therefore, we provide the best product at the cheapest rate without compromising on the quality of the product.

Turn Your Wall Into A Clock

In the past, the wall clocks served the purpose of telling time. They were a necessity more than fashion. Now, time has changed. In the present era, wall clocks are much fun and have become an integral part of home décor. Despite having wristwatches on the arm and Smartphones in the hand to tell time, there is no home without the wall clock. That proves its significance.

Decorating your house with large 3D wall clocks is a smart and beautiful way to turn an ordinary room wall into a focal point of your décor. 3D wall clocks are the best to fill up your space on the wall. It provides you with everything that will aid you in turning your wall into the clock.

There is no point in having one 3D wall clock in your house when you can have multiple. Thanks to 3D wall clocks, you can now have more than one wall clock and you can group them according to theme, shape, and patterns.

A moderately larger 3D wall clock can serve as a centerpiece of your selection and can also stand alone. Nowadays, wall clocks are used more frequently as a piece of art rather than just a time-telling gadget. And 3D wall clocks serve the purpose best.

The best thing about the 3D wall clocks is that you need not worry whether the clock is working or not. It will not affect its beauty as the 3D wall clocks are more artistic than simply timepieces. Forget that they tell time. Just focus on the place and the wall where they are to be mounted. The 3D wall clocks also come unassembled; you have to use the DIY technique to assemble them yourself. That makes it even more convenient. You can easily alter the size as per your need and the space available to you. provides you with the best collection of a 3D wall clock. We have a wide range of 3D wall clock. Get in touch with us and you are surely going to find one that will fit the space perfectly. We guarantee that our products are of the best quality while our prices are the minimum. You can shop with confidence. We aspire to deliver the most innovative, reliable, and best quality 3D wall clocks at your doorstep, so that you can add grace to your home décor.

Give Time a Face with Designer Wall Clocks

When designing or renovating a house, you aspire to make it the best. Whenever you see a space on the wall, the first contemplation that comes to the mind is anything but a unique wall clock, but the reality is, that is the most significant piece that the space on the wall is missing. Clocks come in diverse designs, you may opt for sleek, or modern, or vintage, and ornate. Choosing a designer wall clock can turn your clock into a unique masterpiece. Moreover, being customized, the designer wall clocks give an individual stamp to your interior. The wall clock designs of the present era are a replication of yesteryears art. Mount a clock that effortlessly harmonizes your interior decoration.

You ought to note a few things before buying a wall clock- online or from a store.

  • The size and shape of the wall clock (Round or square)
  • The exact space where it will be mounted.
  • How high is the ceiling?
  • What is the position of the windows or the doors?
  • Consider factors like the surrounding furniture.

When we talk about ambiance, every room is distinctive. Opt for a wall clock that best matches the tone and color scheme of your room. For a living room, large wall clocks are the best, whereas, for small rooms fancy or hanging wall clocks are a better option. If you aspire to add prolific magnificence to your décor, you must opt for round wall clocks. Fretting out to fill every inch of the available wall space is not an option. A single hefty wall look is enough to give your wall an absolute look.

Always compliment an antique or vintage clock with modern furniture. Square wall clocks evoke grace, sophistication, and charm to your décor. Nowadays, an assorted variety of wall clocks with logos and images of stars, sun, etc gained immense popularity. If you desire to sustain a delicate opus, a metal or wooden wall clock will do wonders.

Changing your old wall clock with a new one can drastically give your home a new look and style. We, at, provide designer wall clocks at the most reasonable price. We have a vision of providing the best without burning your pockets and without compromising on the quality. Purchase designer wall clocks now and enhance the visual appeal of your home.

How a blog can help your growing e-Commerce business

When you start an online business, your main aim is to sell the products, right? As a business owner, you want to showcase your store to more audience. So, you decide to go on social media, why? Because everyone is doing it, then why shouldn’t you? It is tempting as everyone is aware of the hype that it is the best way to market your brand.

Do you know having a blog for your online store can be very helpful? Many businesses do not understand the importance of having a blog because they don’t have time to post quality content.

Today, we will talk about how a blog can play an important role for the growth of your e-Commerce business. Later, we will also discuss some tips that will be helpful to you for writing business related blog posts.